Access Eye® CUBE

All-in-one camera ideal for parking lots, tolls and control points, designed, manufactured and assembled in Lector Vision headquarters.

Our smallest camera, with only a base of 153x153mm and a height of 170mm. It is designed to be completely hermetic (IP67), with elements injected into the mold itself and sealing gaskets that ensure its perfect operation in all weather conditions.

Due to a synchronized dual illumination we can operate the two cameras, both with the new Sony Pregius sensor of 1.5 Mg pixels and motorized lenses with autofocus mode.

All image processing takes place inside the camera, thanks to our embedded 4-core ARM processor system. It is done through our own OCR engine, optimized to provide a processing speed never seen before in an all-in-one system.

The processed information is sent adapted to the protocols of our customers’ servers, using Ethernet cable, which it is also the power source thanks to the PoE system, a single cable that ensures an easy and simple installation, both in wall, ceiling, totem or pole.

Access Eye CUBE can be controlled 100% through the web, like software updates, focus of the lenses or modify the shutter. It have an internal memory that allows everything to continue normally when the server goes down and with a self-diagnosis system, which reduces the repair time because the system detects the problem.

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