Lector Engine

In Lector Vision we design, develop and commercialize both software and integrated devices for the automatic recognition of license plates. Our Lector Engine is a specific software module for image processing, motion detection and plate recognition.

The Lector Engine software uses artificial vision algorithms based on neural networks developed by us. The technology developed by Lector Vision ensures high-speed image processing, high accuracy in detec- ting plates of vehicles, maximum reliability in the automatic reading of license plates and excellent adaptability to different environments and plate states.

Lector Engine has been specially designed and developed for easy integration in complex ITS applications as: traffic management and con- trol, tolling automation, car park access control, security, embedded systems and many other projects where a fast and reliable License Plate Recognition software is essential.

Lector Engine recognizes license plates from different countries simultaneously, recognizing the country automatically. The software allows to select optimized settings for country recognizes rectangular and square license plates, with one or more lines of characters.

With each license plate read Lector Engine gives:

  • Alphanumeric string with license plate read.
  • Number plates recognized in the image.
  • Rate the recognized reliability of the license plate.
  • Plate coordinates.
  • Country of origin.
  • Average size of the characters.
  • Date and Time.
  • Estimated speed.


  • Vehicle Access Control
  • Residential areas access
  • Management of public car park
  • Controlled and limited car park areas management
  • Tolling
  • Static and dynamic weighing scales management
  • Red light enforcement
  • ANPR for police vehicles
  • Blacklists Management
  • Traffic counting
  • Travelling times.

Main Characteristics

  • Versions for operating systems Windows, Android and Linux
  • Less than 6 milliseconds of processing time (i7 CPU, time may vary depending on the processor and configuration chosen)
  • Recognition on images in black / white and color
  • Image formats: BMP, JPEG and Raw
  • Character Recognition between 12 and 80 pixels high
  • The license includes plate recognition software, USB dongle and demo application.
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