Parking Web Terminal

Parking Web Terminal is a management application to control public car park access in which also exist a management system through tickets. It is based on web technology; this means that it is accessed through a Web browser.

Can be used by any device that has a Web Browser (Desktop PC, Laptop, Tablet…). Just enter the web address of the server machine on the web browser to access in the application management.

  • Prints the plate in the ticket given to the user at the entry.
  • Detection of ticket exchange for preventing car theft and fraud.
  • It solves the problems associated with the loss of tickets.
    In case of the ticket lost, it allows the user to deliver a ticket equal to the one that collected at the entrance as well as calculating the exact time spent at the facility.
  • It allows monitoring the status of each vehicle when it entered in the car park by images or videos of perimeter cameras.
  • Managing white and black lists, allowing automatic access for subscribers and preventing unwanted vehicles.
  • Print custom reports and export of historical information in multiple formats (plain text, pdf, doc, xls, etc).
  • Car park space and incidents management associated to user profiles.
  • Centralization of several remote car park and ability to work on virtual servers.

Management Software

The Management software allows the monitoring of transits individually and/or sequentially. It possible to monitor all transits of all lanes or to just the last transit with detailed information.

Historical data

The system generates and stores a record for each vehicle transit with all its associated data: plate read, date and time, lane, associated images and videos (tuition, vehicle profiles and facial driver), etc.

Incident Management

It allows control of incidents on line when working in attended mode.

  • Mismatched ticket at the exit.
  • Unread plates.

In the image resolution of the incident we can see how it shows the input and output information.

Occupation inquiry

It shows information only of the vehicles that are in the car park.

  • Ticket loss (Vehicle location)
  • State of vehicle at the entrance.

Access Web Terminal application advantages

No additional software, it does not require the installation of any additional software on the machine that will be used as a terminal

MultiTerminal, it allows access from different devices simultaneously (the system includes user management and access is password protected).

Distributed, it may be accessed through the network as long as the server is accessible to the car park management terminal. It allows remote and centralized management of the infrastructures.

Multiplatform, although EdgeLprServer Server runs under Windows, the web terminal only requires a web browser (Android tablets and tablets with IOS Apple are also an option).

Portable, the combination of several of the above elements allows a guard to make the rounds of the in- frastructure and continue managing the license plate reading system, including online troubleshooting.

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