Traffic Eye® Red Light

TRAFFIC EYE® / RED LIGHT, based on artificial vision, helps to avoid vehicle’s Red Light Crossing by automatically detecting vehicles which do not stop at them. It is an automatic system integrated into a single device which include two cameras (a B/W and a colour one), CPU, and infrared illumination. One unit is capable of handling two adjacent lanes.

Traffic Eye for Red Light Enforcement doesn’t require the installation of electromagnetic loops or other road equipment as it is based on image analysis. A signal from the Traffic Light Controller is used to get the state of the Traffic Light in all environmental conditions.


  • Operating System: Windows
  • License Recognition Plate Engine Lector Engine High Flow.
  • Shooting Modes: Software and Hardware.
  • Temperature control and Latency.
  • Safe, each number read is compared to databases and lists black / white, giving a warning in case of being in one of them.
  • Tolerance to the different storage conditions of license plates.
  • Supports different license plate sizes with respect to the image.
  • GPS synchronization.
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