Lector Visión S.L. Tramo Access eye

ACCESS EYE® TOTEM is an “All in One” automatic number plate recognition system for car park access. It integrates into a single device the camera, the illumination, the processor, the power supply and the communications via Ethernet in addition to the Lector Engine Software. Is designed to be integrated mwith the other elements of the park, it has a small footprint and it is made of stainless steel to ensure robustness and tightness.

Why Choose Our LPR Cameras?




BEST RESULTS: Up to two sensors with OCR Lector Engine®, one in color and the other in black and white. We multiply success.


OFFLINE: In case of lack of connection, the camera stores results avoiding the loss of information.


ALL PARAMETERS CAN BE MODIFY REMOTELY: Save time and money on startups and preventive maintenance.


SIMPLE INSTALLATION AND LOW CONSUMPTION: Access Eye® is a PoE device with a consumption of less than 15W. In addition, due to its compact design, installation time is minimal.