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The AIRQUALITY environmental sensor collects information about the concentration of gases and particles in the atmosphere, and therefore about atmospheric pollution conditions. Due to the different gases it is capable of measuring and the size of the suspended PM particles it collects, it allows for the evaluation of air quality as well as the anthropogenic origin of the suspended particles that are collected. Additionally, it allows for the measurement of other environmental characteristics such as humidity, air temperature, and noise.


The AIRQUALITY pollution sensor is an advanced sensor that allows for:

  • Measurement of Gases O3, SO2, NO2, CO
  • Measurement of particles PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.0, PM10.0
  • Measurement of temperature, humidity, and sound
  • LTE communication to the monitoring platform

Installation is immediate, allowing for quick deployment with minimal installation costs. Thanks to LTE communication, it can be placed anywhere and data can be obtained quickly and reliably. Additionally, it can be easily powered by a solar panel and has a sufficient battery to operate autonomously for several hours.


The design of the AIRQUALITY sensor has been carefully studied and developed to achieve proper airflow within the inlet channel. Unlike other similar sensors, the AIRQUALITY sensor collects gases through a constant laminar flow stream. This way, airflow within the sensor is fully controlled, resulting in reproducible gas measurement for repeatable, stable, and accurate gas measurement.