Lector Visión S.L. Parking web terminal

Parking Web Terminal is a web based management application to control public car park access in which also exist a management system through tickets. This solution allows the capabilities of car park payment management systems to be extended by providing extra functionalities related to the management of number plates or videos.





NO ADITIONAL SOFTWARE, it does not require the installation of any additional software on the machine that will be used as a terminal.


MULTITERMINAL, it allows access from different devices simultaneously (the system includes user management and access is password protected).


DISTRIBUTED, it may be accessed through the network as long as the server is accessible to the car park management terminal. It allows remote and centralized management of the infrastructures.


PORTABLE, the combination of several of the above elements allows a guard to make the rounds of the infrastructure and continue managing the license plate reading system, including online troubleshooting.