Welcome to our advanced License Plate OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software solution, designed to provide high-performance license plate reading capabilities across multiple platforms including Linux, Windows, and Android. Our versatile solution offers exceptional accuracy, capable of reading license plates from over 80 countries, and provides unparalleled flexibility in reading plates at different angles and in various lighting and environmental conditions.


Edge LPR is a specific software module for image processing, motion detection and plate recognition. The software uses artificial vision algorithms based on neural networks developed by us. The technology developed by Lector Vision ensures highspeed image processing, high accuracy in detecting plates of vehicles, maximum reliability in the automatic reading of license plates and excellent adaptability to different environments and plate states. It has been specially designed and developed for easy integration in complex ITS applications as: traffic management and control, tolling automation, car park access control, security, embedded systems and many other projects where a fast and reliable License Plate Recognition software is essential.


Our software recognizes license plates from different countries simultaneously, recognizing the country automatically. The software allows to select optimized settings for country recognizes rectangular and square license plates, with one or more lines of characters.

With each license plate read Lector Engine gives:


Alphanumeric string with license plate read.


Number plates recognized in the image.


Rate the recognized reliability of the license plate.


Plate coordinates.


Country of origin.


 Average size of the characters.


 Date and Time.





System Integration: The system allows integration with different third-party systems or cameras, either at the application level or through its SDK.


Parking Management: Efficient monitoring of parking spaces, automated enforcement of parking regulations, reduction of unauthorized parking, increased revenue from parking fees.


Traffic Management: Real-time monitoring of traffic flow, identification of congestion hotspots, optimization of traffic signal timings, improved overall traffic management.


Law enforcement: Automated detection of stolen vehicles, identification of vehicles involved in criminal activities, enhanced border security through vehicle tracking.


Toll Collection: Automated toll collection without the need for toll booths, reduced congestion at toll plazas, improved revenue collection accuracy.


 Access Control: Secure access to restricted areas such as gated communities, corporate campuses, and government facilities, automated entry and exit logging for enhanced security.


 Public Safety: Surveillance of vehicles in public spaces, identification of vehicles linked to police alerts or missing persons cases, improved response times for emergency services.

Experience the power and versatility of our Edge LPR software across multiple platforms


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