Lector Visión S.L. Traffic manager

Today, the high volume of vehicle traffic makes the monitoring of the devices involved in traffic management increasingly necessary. Traffic Manager integrates a management tool for traffic control and data collection devices to optimize their performance, detecting and correcting anomalies in their operation.


Traffic Manager is a powerful tool designed to monitor changes in traffic flows and provide valuable information in real time. Traffic Manager offers an easily-interpreted overall view that enables potential incidents to be anticipated. The system stores all the information collected by field devices for subsequent analysis and the automatic generation of traffic statistics. It has advanced “Deep Learning” and “Big Data” tools that enable predictive models that cover the current needs of the infrastructure managers of Smart Cities.


Traffic Manager allows the user to monitoring the operation of connected devices, set up alarms and programme automatic actions with different control routines. Thus providing information on the current traffic situation in real time and allowing preventative actions to be carried out if necessary. This allows the streamlining of the response from the control centre in any situation.



By offering these essential functionalities, the software platform empowers authorities to effectively analyze traffic patterns, enforce regulations, and enhance public safety through the centralized management of data from LPR cameras and other sensors.



Lector Vision LPR cameras


Lector Visione enforcement solutions


Air Quality sensors


Data collection sensors


Variable message signs (VMS)


CCTV cameras



Traffic Management: Real-time monitoring of traffic flow, identification of congestion hotspots, optimization of traffic signal timings, improved overall traffic management.


Law enforcement: Automated detection of stolen vehicles, identification of vehicles involved in criminal activities, enhanced border security through vehicle tracking.


Toll Collection: Automated toll collection without the need for toll booths, reduced congestion at toll plazas, improved revenue collection accuracy.


Access Control: Secure access to restricted areas such as gated communities, corporate campuses, and government facilities, automated entry and exit logging for enhanced security.


Public Safety: Surveillance of vehicles in public spaces, identification of vehicles linked to police alerts or missing persons cases, improved response times for emergency services.