Lector Visión S.L. Systemes Embarques

High-performance mobile Automatic License Plate Recognition system for vehicle detection on public roads. Specially designed for police use and control of regulated parking areas. It allows real-time license plate readings on both sides of the vehicle on which it is installed, capturing and sending videos while driving. Fully controllable from a rugged tablet PC.


It allows to collect road occupancy data, occupation of surface parking spaces, parking times and perform rotation studies. It classifies vehicles by age and type of environmental badge and facilitates control in situations of restriction of both vehicles in circulation and parked.


This application allows the visualization of detections in real time as well as automatically generate sanction proposals for subsequent review and validation. It has up to 8 dual sensor OCR Lector Engine® capture units for capturing black / white and color images simultaneously. Integrable with databases and external platforms. Customizable and configurable according to customer requirements.

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